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Over the years, I have found that our proposals tend to be much more thorough than our competitors. I believe that a thorough proposal is an indication of a thorough painting contractor. The items listed below are included with the Hernanz Painting Co. bid, but are unlikely to be included with competing bids.

  • Five-day minimum dry time - Hernanz Painting Co. will allow your home to dry for a minimum of five days after pressure washing. Many painters only allow 1-2 days for drying.

  • Moisture meter - Hernanz Painting Co. will use a moisture meter to make sure the wood surfaces are dry enough to paint. Using a moisture meter is the only way to measure the moisture content in the wood. If wood contains too much moisture, the durability of the paint job will be compromised.

  • Top grade caulk - Hernanz Painting Co. will use top grade polyurethane and elastomeric caulks. Sherwin Williams "Shermax" caulk carries a lifetime warranty. Most painters use a latex caulk because it dries quickly and is easier to apply. Hernanz Painting Co. uses top grade caulks because they are more flexible and have better adhesion properties, so the joints that we caulk will last longer.

  • Sherwin Williams paint - Hernanz Painting Co. will use Sherwin Williams' "Superpaint" and "Duration" on your home. Both paints can be applied in temperatures as low as 35 degrees. Duration is the only architectural coating that carries a lifetime manufacturer's warranty. Painting contractors rarely use Duration because it is expensive and more difficult to apply than ordinary house paint.

  • Mil-gauge - Hernanz Painting Co. will use a mil-gauge to periodically check for proper paint film thickness. Most painters do not use mil-gauges because it takes time. It is particularly important to use them with Duration since it is such a difficult product to apply to the manufacturer's specifications. The big advantage to using Duration is the added thickness which we can apply the coating. We want to make sure that we use the coating to its full potential.

  • Customer satisfaction survey - Hernanz Painting Co. gives out a customer satisfaction survey at the end of every job. Our painters receive bonuses based solely on the ratings they receive from the customers. Most painting companies give out bonuses to their painters based on how quickly they get the job done. Hernanz Painting Co. gives out bonuses based on how well the job gets done.

  • Five-Year Warranty - Hernanz Painting Co. has a five-year warranty against peeling and blistering paint. Most painting companies have a 1 year warranty. A five year warranty is indicative of a company that is committed to providing you with the longest lasting paint job possible.

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